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Cuveljé transport is a family company that has been active in the transport of goods since 1933. We mainly specialise in coil transport. The transportation of these steel coils requires the right equipment and skilled personnel. In addition to coil transport, Cuveljé is also the right partner for other steel transports.

Our working area mainly covers the Benelux, northern France and Germany. For the most part, we drive tautliners which are fitted with a coil trough for transporting coils. We also transport loads of various lengths and widths with our extendable trailers. 

In addition, we have access to 7000m2 of insulated storage space, which is equipped with 25-tonne overhead cranes, making the space extremely suitable for coil storage. Cuveljé is capable of taking care of the entire logistics process thanks to our diverse fleet of vehicles. 


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Cuveljé transport is specialised in coil transport. Our trailers are equipped with a coil trough. These trailers are all equipped with posts to transport various types of steel in a safe way.
In addition to coil transport, we are also capable of handling transportation of various lengths and widths. Our extendable trailers are designated to transport long cargo with a length of up to 20 metres.

You can download our logistic service conditions here.


Cuveljé has 7000m2 of insulated storage, designed as steel and coil storage. Our storage is equipped with two overhead cranes, which allows for loading and unloading of steel coils of up to 25,000 kg.
In addition to the storage of various steel products, Cuveljé is also actively involved in the loading and unloading of containers. For this purpose, Cuveljé has a loading bridge and various forklifts with a lifting capacity up to 7,000 kg.
We are also able to load long lengths of steel (12 metres) into a container with a fixed roof.


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Cuveljé has a diverse fleet of vehicles at its disposal to enable us to undertake various types of transport. The fleet consists of 15 trucks and more than 35 trailers. The trucks are all equipped with a B3 alarm and comply with Euro5 & Euro6 environmental requirements.
We have the following trailers at our disposal:

  • Tautliners with coil troughs
  • Netcap with coil troughs, suitable for both coil transport and wide cargo
  • Extenders suitable for long and wide cargo
  • Multi container chassis for various types of containers

The maintenance of our fleet is largely carried out by our own workshop.


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Cuveljé Transport was founded in 1933 and the company is currently under the leadership of the third generation.
The first generation Cuveljé founded the company at the time with a 30-ton barge. In 1935 he switched from water to road transport. At that time the first truck was also purchased, a Fargo, which was mainly used to transport cheese in the Netherlands. The working area was later extended to Belgium and Germany.

In the 1960s, his son Marinus joined the company. In that period container transport became more prominent and the cheese transports stopped.

In the early 1980s coil transport was started under the current owner, Piet Cuveljé. Over the years, the company has increasingly specialised in the transport of steel.

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